How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Durables in 2023?

How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Durables in 2023?

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to have a steady job. But how many jobs are actually available in consumer durables? The answer may surprise you. 

There are over 3 million employees in the USA in consumer durables as of 2023. This number is expected to grow to 3.5 million by 2026 and this industry becomes the 5th largest industry in the United States of America.!

This sector includes a wide range of products, from appliances to electronics. So if you’re looking for a stable career, consider a job in consumer durables. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and the industry is only going to grow in the coming years.

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What are Consumer Durables?

A consumer durable is a good that can be purchased for consumption and lasts over a period of time. The durability of the good allows it to be used multiple times, which makes it different from a consumable good. Some examples of consumer durables are automobiles, appliances, furniture, and clothing.

16 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables in 2023

In August of 2023, the personal consumption of durable goods in the United States was approximately 2.17 Trillion dollars. That means there are plenty of opportunities for those looking for high-paying jobs in the consumer durables industry.

There are a variety of well-paying jobs available in the consumer durables industry, ranging from product development and design to marketing and sales. In order to help you find the best-paying job in this field, we’ve compiled a list of 16 high-paying jobs in consumer durables for 2023.

1. Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible for the sales of an organization. They plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of the sales team. They may also be responsible for the overall marketing strategy of their company. Their average annual salary is $131,960.

Furthermore, Sales managers typically have many years of experience in sales or related fields before being promoted to management positions.

Primary Responsibilities of Sales Managers

  • Hiring Salespeople
  • Training Salespeople
  • Planning Sales Strategies
  • Setting Sales Targets
  • Monitoring Sales Performance
  • Motivating Salespeople

2. Marketing Manager

The marketing manager in the consumer durable industry is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating marketing activities to promote the sale of products and services. They develop and implement marketing plans and strategies, track sales data and market trends, and oversee advertising and promotion campaigns.

The job outlook for marketing managers in the consumer durable industry is positive, with a projected 9% growth rate from 2018 to 2028. This is due to an increase in demand for consumer durables as the economy continues to strengthen. The median salary for this position is $142,380 per year.

Primary Responsibilities of Marketing Managers are:

  • Planning marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Conducting market research and analysis
  •  Identifying target markets and customer segments
  • Developing marketing mix programs
  • Managing budgets and expenditures
  • Evaluating campaign effectiveness and ROI

3. Senior Executive

A senior executive in a consumer durable industry is responsible for the company’s overall performance. This includes managing sales, product development, and marketing. The position also entails setting strategy, planning budgets, and overseeing operations.

The salary for this position is commensurate with experience and typically includes a bonus and stock options. Career growth potential is excellent, as the senior executive can move into a CEO or other top management position.

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 Primary Responsibilities of Senior Executive are:

  • Strategic vision and planning
  • Developing and executing business plans
  • P&L responsibility
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key customers
  • Managing a team of sales, marketing, and product professionals
  • Creating a positive company culture

4. Product Manager

The role of a product manager is to develop and oversee the production of a company’s products. They are responsible for ensuring that the products meet the needs of the customers and are profitable for the company. The salary for a product manager in the consumer durables industry is $110,000 per year.

 Primary Responsibilities of the Products Manager are:

  •  Understanding the consumer
  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Managing product development
  • Maintaining product quality
  •  Coordinating with other departments
  • Overseeing the product life cycle

5. Human Resource Manager

The HR manager in this industry is responsible for managing employee relations, ensuring compliance with labor laws, and overseeing the recruitment process. They also play a key role in developing and implementing employee engagement initiatives.

The salary of an HR manager in the consumer durables industry depends on factors such as the size of the company, location, and nature of work. The job outlook for HR managers in the consumer durables industry is positive. With the increasing emphasis on compliance with labor laws and regulations, companies are expected to hire more HR managers to ensure that their operations are in line with these requirements.

 Primary Responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager are:

  • Hiring and onboarding processes
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Employee relations and retention
  • Organizational development
  •  Training and development
  • Performance management

6. Administrative Assistance

An administrative assistant in the consumer durables industry provides support to executives and other employees. They handle a variety of duties such as scheduling, preparing correspondence, handling customer inquiries, and managing records. Many administrative assistants also handle payroll and benefits administration.

The job outlook for administrative assistants is good, with a projected growth rate of 11% through 2026. Salaries for administrative assistants vary depending on experience and location, but the median annual salary is $44,870.

Primary Responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant are:

  •  Planning and Coordinating
  • Answering inquiries and directing calls
  • Organizing and Scheduling
  • Data Entry and Record-Keeping
  •  Assisting with Consumer Research
  • Miscellaneous Administrative Tasks

7. Media Planner

As a media planner in the consumer durables industry, you will be responsible for developing and executing media plans that support marketing objectives and strategies. You will work with clients, agencies, and media partners to identify opportunities and optimize campaigns. Your average salary will be $76,000 per year, with a positive job outlook expecting a 5% growth in the next 10 years.

Primary Responsibilities of the Media Planner are:

  • Understanding the consumer durables industry
  • Knowing your target audience
  •  Researching and planning media strategies
  • Buying advertising space and time
  • Monitoring campaign performance
  • Evaluating results and providing feedback

8. Sales Representative

Sales representatives are the key link between manufacturers and customers. They maintain contact with current customers, develop new businesses, and work to increase sales within their assigned territory.

Sales representatives typically work on commission, so their earnings potential is directly related to their ability to sell. The job outlook for sales representatives is positive, with a projected 5% growth from 2019 to 2029.

 Primary Responsibilities of the Sales Representative are:

  • Establishing relationships with potential customers
  • Identifying customer needs and recommending products
  •  Negotiating prices and contracts
  • Meeting sales targets
  •  Maintaining customer relationships
  • Providing feedback to management

9. Account Manager

An account manager is responsible for maintaining and building relationships with customers, as well as finding new business opportunities. They work closely with sales teams to ensure that products are delivered on time and meet customer expectations. Account managers typically have a four-year degree in business or a related field, and most companies require at least two years of relevant experience.

The median salary for an account manager in the consumer durables industry is $84,000 per year. Job growth in this field is expected to be about average over the next ten years, with about 4% growth.

Primary Responsibilities of the Account Manager are:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key accounts
  • Manage account budgets and forecast sales
  • Achieve agreed-upon targets and objectives
  • Coordinate with internal teams to deliver on account expectations
  •  Monitor market trends and competitor activity
  •  Negotiating contracts and prices with clients
  • Developing sales strategies for assigned accounts
  • Identifying new business opportunities with existing clients

10. Customer Success Manager

The customer success manager is responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products and services they receive. They work closely with customers to ensure that they have a positive experience with the company and its products. The customer success manager’s salary is $113,831 per year. The job outlook for this position is positive, as companies in the consumer durables industry are expected to continue to grow.

Primary Responsibilities of the Customer Success Manager are:

  • Understanding customer needs and requirements
  •  Designing and implementing customer success plans
  • Maintaining close relationships with customers
  • Proactively identifying risks and opportunities
  • Helping customers get the most value from the product
  • Acting as a link between customers and other departments

11. Strategy Consultant

Strategy consultants play an important role in the consumer durables industry. They develop and implement strategies that help companies compete in the marketplace.

Salaries for strategy consultants vary depending on experience and education. However, most strategy consultants earn six-figure salaries.

The job outlook for strategy consultants is positive. Companies in the consumer durables industry are expected to continue to need their expertise to stay competitive.

 Primary Responsibilities of the Strategy Consultant are:

  • Developing and implementing growth strategies
  • Conducting market research and analysis
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Generating sales leads
  •  Managing projects and timelines
  • Reporting to senior management

12. Staff Accountant       

The role and responsibility of a staff accountant are to maintain financial records, prepare financial reports, and assist in the development of accounting policies. The average salary for a staff accountant in the Consumer Durables industry is $50,000. The job outlook for staff accountants is positive, with an expected growth rate of 7% over the next ten years.

Primary Responsibilities of the Staff Accountant are:

  • Recording and maintaining financial transactions
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Providing tax planning and advice
  •  Managing payroll and employee benefits
  • Overseeing accounts payable and receivable
  •  Assisting with auditing and financial analysis

13. Communications Coordinator

As the Communications Coordinator, you will be responsible for crafting and executing communications strategies that raise awareness of the company and its products. This will include working with the marketing team to develop creative campaigns, writing and editing press releases, managing social media accounts, and coordinating events.

The salary for this position is typically around $76,000 per year. The job outlook for Communications Coordinators is positive, with an expected 11% growth in positions from 2019-2029.

Primary Responsibilities of the Communications Coordinator are:

  • Planning and executing communication campaigns
  •  Creating and managing content
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Analyzing data and metrics
  • Developing relationships with key stakeholders
  • Reporting on progress and results

14. Business Analyst

As a business analyst in the consumer durables industry, you will play a key role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses. You will be responsible for analyzing data and information to identify trends and opportunities, as well as developing recommendations to improve business performance.

Your salary will be based on your experience and qualifications, but the average salary for a business analyst in this industry is $85,000 per year. The job outlook for business analysts is positive, with an expected 9% growth in employment over the next decade.

Primary Responsibilities of the Business Analyst are:

  • Defining business goals and objectives
  • Conducting market research
  •  Developing marketing strategies
  •  Identifying target consumers
  • Analyzing consumer behavior
  • Designing and implementing marketing campaigns

15. Industrial Designer

An industrial designer in the consumer durables industry is responsible for creating and developing new products. They work with engineers and other team members to create prototypes and design plans. Industrial designers also test products to ensure they meet safety and quality standards.

Salaries for industrial designers vary depending on experience and education. Entry-level designers earn a median salary of $56,000, while experienced designers can earn up to $75,000. The job outlook for industrial designers is positive, with a projected growth rate of 4 percent through 2024.

Primary Responsibilities of the industrial Designer are:

  • Conceptualize and design products that are both functional and satisfying
  • Research current and future trends to inform design decisions
  • Generate ideas and sketches of potential product designs
  • Create 3D models of products using CAD software
  • Conduct user research to gather feedback on prototypes and design iterations
  • Work with engineers to ensure that products can be manufactured successfully

16. Risk Executive

As the world economy continues to globalize, businesses are looking for new ways to identify and manage risk. One way they are doing this is by hiring risk executives. Risk executives are responsible for identifying, assessing, and managing the risks associated with their company’s operations. They work closely with senior management to develop strategies for mitigating risk.

The median annual salary for risk executives is $92,000. Job growth for risk executives is expected to be about average in the coming years.

Primary Responsibilities of the Risk Executive are:

  • Planning and directing the organization’s risk management policies
  • Identifying and analyzing potential risks to the company
  • Developing and implementing strategies to mitigate risks
  •  Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of risk management strategies
  •  Communicating with senior management about risk management activities
  • Coordinating with other departments to ensure that risk management strategies are integrated into company-wide efforts

Final Words

The consumer durables industry is one of the most promising sectors in terms of job opportunities and growth potential. The sector offers a wide range of career options for those who are looking to enter the workforce or switch careers. The job outlook for the sector is positive, with strong growth projected in the coming years.

The scope for career advancement in this industry is also good, with plenty of opportunities for those who are willing to put in the hard work. Lastly, the Consumer Durables industry is a great option for those looking for a stable career with good prospects for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Durables Jobs

The average salary for a Consumer Durables industry job is $82,000. This industry provides many entry-level positions that can lead to higher-paying jobs in the future. Some of the most popular Consumer Durables jobs include sales associate, customer service representative, and product manager.

Sales associates typically start out at $50,000 per year, while customer service representatives can earn an average of $35,000 per year. Product managers usually make around $110,000 per year.

There are many companies that produce consumer durables, from small businesses to large corporations. Some well-known companies in this field include Samsung, LG, and Sony. These companies produce a wide range of products, from televisions and computers to refrigerators and air conditioners.

Consumer durables can include items such as furniture, appliances, and electronics. These products are usually not covered by insurance policies, and as such, must be carefully chosen to ensure that they will withstand normal wear and tear.

Two of the most popular consumer durables are automobiles and electronics. Automobiles typically have a lifespan of around three to five years, while electronics have a lifespan of two to three years. However, both products can be used for much longer if they are properly maintained.

Automobiles and electronics are not the only consumer durables available on the market. Other popular items include furniture, appliances, and clothing.

There are plenty of jobs available in other consumer services rather than consumer durables. In fact, there are a variety of different types of consumer service jobs out there. Here are a few examples:

  • Food service industry: servers, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, etc.
  • Hospitality industry: hotel staff, tour guides, event planners, etc.
  • Retail industry: salespeople, cashiers, customer service representatives, etc.
  • Healthcare industry: nurses, doctors, therapists, aides/assistants, etc.

It is a great career path if you are interested in technology and the attentive type. This profession will provide you with superb career opportunities! It revolves around elements that cover all aspects of technology, providing tangible results to clients each day.

In the consumer durables industry, there are many jobs that demand a physical presence. You cannot work from home in this industry because the nature of the jobs demands that you be present in order to do them. For example, jobs such as sales, marketing, and customer service all require that you be physically present in order to interact with customers and clients.

It is much easier to get a job in the consumer durables industry if you have the background and experience. Companies are always looking for people with the right skills and experience to fill their open positions. If you don’t have the right skills or experience, it can be difficult to break into this industry.

A typical day for an employee at consumer durables lasts anywhere from 7 to 10 hours. The specific department and sales territories covered by the employee may affect the length of the workday. However, most employees can expect to work at least 8 hours per day. Some employees may find that their days are shorter or longer depending on the demands of their job.

In order to be a successful employee in the consumer durables field, there are a few key skills and traits that are essential. First and foremost, a strong work ethic is a must.

Good communication skills are also vital, as you will need to be able to effectively communicate with customers, clients, and co-workers. Finally, having a sense of direction and being able to stay organized are both important in this fast-paced industry.

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