What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field? (List of Top 9)

What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field? (List of Top 9)

The capital goods field is a growing sector of the global economy that offers services, products, and investments in fields related to machinery and tools. 

Many searchers are looking for companies that are in the capital goods field and are willing to invest their hard-earned money. 

If you are the one who is searching for the best capital goods companies, you are very lucky because we have some of the most helpful information on this topic here.

Are you ready to get started on the best capital goods companies finding? 

Yes? Then let us begin.

What are Capital Goods?

The physical assets that form a company’s assets. Capital goods are the basic materials, machines, and other resources that can be used for making products. 

In short, they are the raw materials and all the other things that a company uses to manufacture products. 

Capital goods can also be defined as all those items that companies use to make, use, or sell products. These items include factories, equipment, and building materials. 

Examples of Capital Goods are machinery and tools, facilities, ships, oil rigs, and mines.

How Does the Capital Market Work?

Before understanding how to invest, you need to know how the capital market works. The capital market is made up of several firms and different investment options. 

Now you may be asking yourself, what is an investment option? 

An investment option is an asset that can be exchanged for something else of value in the future. Cash, stock shares, and foreign currencies are a few examples of investment options.

But how this market works? Here is a quick checklist on the capital market guide. 

  1. Know people who have money to invest. 
  2. Know the place to get investment ideas. 
  3. Find out how to compare and analyze companies. 
  4. Understand the risks that they will be taking. 
  5. Learn how to establish a diversified portfolio.

Capital marketers are financial advisors that bring together investors and companies. 

The role of the capital market is to help people who want to sell and people who want to buy. 

There are millions of investment markets in the world, but the two most famous types are public and private investors. 

A public investor is an investor who buys their shares through the company’s stock market. A private investor is an individual who buys their shares through a broker or holds the shares in an account.

Capital market also includes stock markets and bond markets. 

A stock market is an investment market where shares or stock are sold or bought. This makes it a financial market that helps investors buy and sell a share. 

Bonds are a kind of debt. They represent borrowing by the government or companies and are issued with a promise to repay with interest on the loan. 

This is how this circle continues. I hope you have now a clearer picture of the global capital market. If you still have doubts check out the in-depth Investopedia guide on the capital market.

Clear? Then let’s move on.

What is a Capital Goods Company?

A capital goods company is a company that makes tools, equipment, and machinery for other companies. Capital goods companies supply their customers with the equipment they need to be productive and profitable. Capital goods companies have grown significantly over the last 20 years and continue to be in a huge giving position.

Types of Capital Goods Companies

There are different types of capital goods companies. Some of these companies include:

  1. Machinery Companies
  2. Tool or Equipment Companies
  3. Engineering and Construction Firms
  4. Plumbing Firms
  5. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Firms
  6. Computer Companies
  7. Automotive Companies
  8. Medical Device Firms
  9. Supply Chain Management Companies
  10. Cleaning Firms

This industry is growing day by day and maybe in the future, we will see more categories of companies in this industry. These companies are most likely investing in IT technology, research, and development, and they are increasing the number of employees to be more efficient.

9 Best Companies in the Capital Goods Field

There are a lot of companies in the capital goods field but there are some companies that stand out from the rest. If you need some good information on the best capital goods companies, then continue reading. Because we have provided below some of the best capital goods companies for you to choose from.

1. Union Pacific Corporation

No. of employees: 30,452

Revenue: 21.8 billion USD 

Union Pacific is a railroad company. It is ranked as the top railroad company in the world. Union Pacific was founded in 1862 by Lance M. Fritz who is the CEO of the company. 

Union Pacific is a railroad that provides transportation services in the United States and Canada. It manufactures and sells equipment to other railroads, industries, and municipalities which are vital in the transport of goods and people and help build communities. 

Union Pacific has major operations in the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Australia. Here are some benefits of working for Union Pacific: 

  1. Retirement plans for its employees
  2. Health insurance 
  3. Employees are allowed to take leave and have time off to spend with their families.
  4. Flexible work schedule 

So, are you the type of person who likes to work for a railroad? If you are, then you should start applying for Union Pacific. Union Pacific will give you a chance to experience working in the transportation field. Then what you are waiting for? apply now and take your first step toward your new job.

2. 3M Company

No. of employees: 93,000+ 

Revenue: $$35.355 billion USD

3M manufactures and makes products that can be used in manufacturing, health care, safety, and many other industries. 3M has been making innovations in its products and services for over 50+ years. 3M is one of the companies in the capital goods field that is highly profitable and provides a lot of jobs.

3M Company was founded back in 1902 by Danley Budd & William L. McKnight. It was founded as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Here are some benefits of working for 3M:

  1. Health insurance 
  2. Flexible work schedule
  3. Retirement plan 
  4. Vision insurance
  5. Stock option plan
  6. Holidays and vacations

3M has a bunch of great employees, and they are very dedicated to their jobs. If you are the type of person who is looking for a job in a place that rewards loyalty and hard work, then 3M is right for you.

3. United Rentals

No. of employees: 18,800+

Revenue: 8.53 billion USD

United Rentals owns the world’s largest rental fleet, accounting for 13% of North America’s equipment rental business in 2019. It has 660,000 rental units worth $15.97 billion in equipment. 

United Rentals, which is regarded as the world’s biggest equipment rental company, has locations in 49 states and every province in Canada. United Rentals provides construction and industrial equipment rental services. 

Customers include utilities, municipalities, homeowners, industrial firms, and construction companies. United Rentals, in addition to providing new and used vehicles and equipment, also offers services. The company generates over $6 billion annually. 

United Rentals offers customers high-quality products, flexible service, and reliable infrastructure. It is a company that offers good career opportunities and also has some benefits for its employees. 

  1. Offers health insurance
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Allow for vacation and holidays
  4. The free truck from the company for the employees’ use. 

United Rentals is a top equipment rental company, and you should consider applying for the job there if you want to work in this field. Apply now and go through the application process so you can get your new job at this great company.

4. ABB Ltd

No. of employees: 105,000+

Revenue: 28.9 billion USD

ABB, a multinational corporation based in Västerås, Sweden and Zürich, Switzerland, was formed in 1988 when Sweden’s Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget and Switzerland’s Brown, Boveri & Cie joined to form ASEA Brown Boveri. ABB stands for ASEA Brown Boveri, a company that was later simplified to its initials. 

It is a multinational corporation that manufactures control systems, cable systems, circuit breakers, switches, and other electronic devices. ABB provides installation and maintenance services for its products, in addition to creating them. North Carolina is the company’s headquarters, where its main market is the United States. Some benefits of working for ABB are:

  1. Employee health insurance 
  2. Paid off time for holidays
  3. Retirement plans
  4. Disability insurance

If you are interested in working for ABB, then you should start applying for a job as soon as possible. You should also be a person who likes working with electronic devices and machinery.

5. Boeing

No. of employees: 10,000+

Revenue: $60.743 billion USD

Boeing (an American multinational corporation) manufactures and sells aircraft, helicopters, rockets, satellites, telecommunications equipment, and missiles throughout the world. In addition, the corporation provides leasing and product support services. 

The corporation earns over $58 million per year and provides additional services such as commercial aircraft, military aircraft, space satellites, electronic defense systems, launch systems, weapons, and others. The benefits of working for Boeing are: 

  1. Health insurance
  2. Paid time off 
  3. Relocation assistance 
  4. Vision & Dental Insurance

With the offer of such perks being available, who wouldn’t want to work for Boeing? If you are interested, then start applying now. This is the company you have been looking for.

6. General Electric (GE)

No. of employees: 10,000+ 

Revenue: 74.2 billion USD

General Electric Corporation is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Boston and founded in New York state in 1892. Producing weapons, aircraft engines, software, wind turbines, various types of energy, electric motors, and other products is what this firm specializes in. 

The company is a leader in its field and has a tremendous amount of resources and employees to give you the best service. As an employee of this company, you will have a chance to be part of a team that contributes to the technological and organizational success of the firm. Here are some benefits that GE gives its employees:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Signing bonus
  3. Flexible work hours
  4. Disability & vision insurance

With that said, you should start applying to this company to get a chance to be a part of it and begin your career in the transportation field. So, are you going to apply? We think so. All the best to you in your new job!

7. Caterpillar, Inc.

No. of employees: 10,000+

Revenue: 48.19 billion USD

Caterpillar is a multinational corporation that produces machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance in addition to designing, developing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing them. Caterpillar is the biggest equipment manufacturer in the world. 

It generates over $40 billion per year and provides products and services for three major sectors: construction, resource, energy, and transportation. Mining, paving, drilling, hydraulics, and many other applications are also included. So, what benefits does Caterpillar have for its employees? 

  1. Retirement & health insurance plans
  2. Vacation days and time off to spend with the family. 
  3. Relocation assistance
  4. Dental & vision insurance 

Awesome, isn’t it? You should apply for Caterpillar because it will allow you to make money and have a good time. Apply now and get ready to start the new job of your dreams.

8. Northrop Grumman Corporation

No. of employees: 90,000+

Revenue: $35.667 billion USD

Northrop Grumman is one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers and military technology providers, with 90,000 employees and annual revenues of over $30 billion. 

Northrop Grumman operates in several fields, including aeronautics equipment, defense systems, mission systems, and space programs, all of which are based in different parts of the United States. 

This firm strives to produce new defense products and replace and update current products. What benefits do you have if you work for this corporation?

  1. Free tuition reimbursement
  2. Retirement plans are offered
  3. Employee discounts

Sounds good to you? Oh yeah, if you are also looking for a position with great compensation benefits and salary, then Northrop Grumman is the right place for you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t apply for a position at Northrop Grumman.

9. Lockheed Martin

No. of employees: 10,000+

Revenue: 15.45 billion USD

Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American aerospace, arms, defense, information security, and technology company with worldwide interests. Martin Marietta March 1995 created it. 

The firm manufactures equipment and items for the U.S. Department of Defence and other U.S. federal government agencies. Lockheed Martin has four divisions: rotary and mission systems, aeronautics, missiles, fire control, and space. Let’s see some benefits of working for Lockheed Martin:

  1. Retirement plans for employees
  2. Health plan and sick leave
  3. Tuition reimbursement
  4. Flexible work hours and time off
  5. Relocation assistance

Super awesome? If yes, what are you waiting for? Apply now and experience working at a top-notch company with great benefits.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Capital Goods Companies? 

Firstly, a capital goods company offers services, products, and investments that are beneficial to the economy. Capital goods companies also enhance employee productivity as they provide quality working environments where employees can do their jobs to their best ability.

Secondly, capital goods companies create jobs for many people. If you are interested in becoming a part of the capital goods field, you should take into account the areas that are hiring and how much you will be paid in each area. More benefits include:

  1. High profit
  2. Growing economy
  3. Many jobs opportunities
  4. Increased trade
  5. Decreased government spending
  6. Reduced unemployment
  7. More efficient working environment 

If you think you can handle the responsibilities and have the knowledge to work in the capital goods field, you should start looking for capital goods companies that are hiring. The opportunities are endless, and you will be glad you started your search for capital goods companies that are hiring.

High Paying Jobs in Capital Goods Industry

Before you start your capital goods search, it’s important to understand the different job opportunities and types. Here are some of the most common and highest paying jobs in the capital goods industry. 

  1. Investment Advisor 
  2. Manufacturing Engineer
  3. Systems Analyst
  4. Project Manager
  5. R&D Manager
  6. Analyst/Sr. Analyst 
  7. Sales and Marketing Manager 
  8. Operations Supervisor (OR) 
  9. Sales Engineer (OR) 
  10. IT and telecommunications specialists

What’s important to note is that they pay high salaries, and provide you with job security, and growth opportunities. So, are you the one who wants to have a job in the capital goods field? Yes? Then don’t wait, just go and find the one that is perfect for you.

Mostly Asked Questions

  1. Union Pacific.
  2. Boeing
  3. General Electric
  4. Honeywell International.
  5. United Rentals Inc.
  6. Lockheed Martin.

What do capital goods jobs pay?

Do high-paying capital goods jobs depend on the level of your education, skills, and experience? Yes, you can, provided that you have the right credentials. You can earn between $50,000 – $90,000, depending on your education, skills, and experience.

Why are capital goods important in economics?

Capital goods are helpful for the economy by providing many services and products as well as helping businesses grow. If a country does not have its capital goods, it can also import capital goods from another country.

A major goal of the capital goods industry is to develop new products and services. These new products and services are then used by the rest of the economy to create jobs and increase productivity.

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

Capital Goods is a career path that is perfect for people who are already in the industry. If you are not already in the industry, we recommend changing careers

Booming economic factors have caused an increase in demand for capital goods and have pushed up the demand for people with specific skills.

Final Thoughts

We wrote this guide for both novice and experienced searchers who are looking for capital goods companies that are in the capital goods field. Now it’s time for you to take action. What company do you think would fit your capital goods needs?

Are you sure you have made the right decision in finding the capital goods companies you need? On our list which company do you think is perfect for your capital goods needs?

We love to hear from our readers. Please feel free to send us an email, with comments, opinions, and suggestions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. All the best in your new career :).

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