Is Business Services A Good Career Path? 20 High-Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2022

Is Business Services A Good Career Path? 20 High-Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2022

Are you looking for, is Business Services A Good Career Path? If YES, then you landed at the right place. Because in this article we are going to discuss every aspect of business services. Business services include everything from accounting to marketing to customer service. This field is constantly growing, and there are many opportunities to learn new skills and advance within the field. What you will need to succeed in this field:

  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or other relevant fields.
  • Ability to pay attention to detail.
  • A willingness and ability to learn new skills quickly.

There are many opportunities for advancement and job security. This career path is perfect for ambitious people who enjoy working with people. People are choosing this career because it has many benefits. Some of those benefits are job security, good pay, and the ability to make your own hours. Business services are a great way to use your skills and talents to make a positive impact on the world.

What are Business Services?

Business services are an important part of the economy. They include a wide range of activities, such as accounting, marketing, and legal services. Businesses use these services to help them run their operations. Many businesses also outsource these services to save money and improve efficiency.

Services are an important part of the economy, accounting for around 70% of GDP in most developed countries. They are also a major source of employment, with around 60% of all jobs in developed countries being in service industries. Services are often seen as more innovative than manufacturing and account for a large proportion of exports in many countries.

Scope of Business Services in a Good Career Path

The field of business services is a good career path for those who want to have a successful and stable future. This career offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. In the year 2024, the BLS expects that there would be over 600,000 new professional services jobs for business administration graduates. Additionally, there are many different types of business services positions, so individuals can find a job that best suits their skills and interests.

Business services jobs also pay well, providing employees with a comfortable income. Because of the importance of business services to society, individuals who work in this field are generally well-respected and admired. Business services positions are available in many different areas such as banking, finance, consulting, marketing, advertising, public relations, and more. 

An individual’s average income in the business services sector may fluctuate from $26,709 to $755,866 per year, depending upon the individual’s job, skill, experience, level of education, and other qualifications.

20 Best Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2022

The saying goes that your career path will move you towards niches, and this is largely true. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t cross skills over if you like the idea of doing different jobs throughout your career. In fact, some of the best-paying jobs in business services are ones where you can do just that. Below we are going to discuss the best-paying jobs with a business degree.

Here are the 10 High Paying Jobs with a Business Degree.

1- Manager of Corporate Communications 

Average Annual Salary: $137,000

If you want a job that is extremely descriptive and has a lot of responsibility, becoming a Manager of Corporate Communications may be perfect for you. In this position, you would be in charge of all communications that come in and out of the company.

This means making sure that everything runs smoothly and looks good to the public. You would also be responsible for the company’s image and how it is portrayed to outsiders. They also have responsibility for public relations, and perhaps social media and digital communications. The average annual salary for this position is $137,000.

2- General Counsel 

Average Annual Salary: $122,000

General Counsel is one of the best paying jobs in business because the in-house lawyer is a person who works for a company and provides legal advice to its employees. They may also represent the company in legal proceedings. In order to become an in-house lawyer, you need to have a degree in business law. The average annual salary for this position is $122,000.

3- Product Marketing Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $121,000

A product marketing manager’s job is to develop and deploy a marketing technique to meet the needs of the organization’s product. The chief responsibility of the marketing manager is the marketing department, and they must have strong management and abilities, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of marketing practices, along with the target audience they are dealing with.

4- Supply Chain Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $108,000

The supply chain manager is responsible for making sure that the company’s supply chain stays uninterrupted and that they are getting the right materials from the right companies. They work with suppliers to make sure that all of the necessary materials are available when they are needed and that the prices are as low as possible. The supply chain manager is also responsible for ensuring that the company has enough inventory to meet customer demand. The average annual salary for a supply chain manager is $108,000.

5- National Sales Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $102,000

National sales managers train sales staff at dealerships to achieve sales nationally. They are in charge of ensuring that clients are well-served, as well as keeping sales staff informed about new marketing and sales strategies. The average annual salary for a National Sales Manager is $102,000.

6- Controller 

Average Annual Salary: $101,000

The controller is one of the most important positions in a company. They are in charge of budgeting. This means that they put together the budget for the company year and make sure that all departments stay within it. They also have to keep track of spending and make sure that it does not exceed the budget. This is a very important job, as it can help a company stay out of financial trouble. Bookkeeping skills are mandatory for this job, as well as a reputation for ethical behavior. The average annual salary for a controller is $101,000.

7- Quantitative Analyst 

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

Quantitative analysts, or “quants,” are people who analyze risk. They help develop strategies and work with banks to value their securities. They often have a mathematics or engineering background and use sophisticated mathematical models to assess risk. The average annual salary for a quantitative analyst is $87,000.

8- Systems Administrator 

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

The highest levels of information technology are usually held by system administrators. They oversee the upkeep of the network infrastructure, along with higher-level information technology functions and updates. They also ensure that current hardware is supported and updated. In the United States, the Typical yearly Wage for a sysadmin is approximately $80,000.

9- Business Analyst 

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Business analysts are in high demand in the business world. They are usually hired to check the business practices and make sure everything is running smoothly. They also need to be able to create and interpret data in order to improve the company’s bottom line. The average annual salary for a business analyst is $80,000.

10- Certified Public Accountant 

Average Annual Salary: $119,000

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed professionals who help businesses and individuals with their finances, taxation, and meeting their financial goals. They work in many industries, including accounting, auditing, tax consulting, and financial advising. The average annual salary for a CPA is $119,000.

They can provide valuable insight and advice to businesses and individuals when it comes to their finances. CPAs can help businesses save money and grow their profits. They can also help individuals plan for their future and achieve their financial goals.

10 Entry-Level Jobs in Business Services

1- Copywriter 

Average Annual Salary: $59,000

Copywriters are in high demand for their skills in writing marketing materials. However, they are also relied on for other types of writing, such as communications to stockholders and investors. The average annual salary for a copywriter is $59,000. While this may not be as high as some other writing-related jobs, it is still a competitive salary. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of copywriting will grow by 28 percent from 2016 to 2026. This means that there will be plenty of job opportunities for those with the necessary skill set.

2- Recruiter 

Average Annual Salary: $54,000

Recruiters spend the majority of their time looking through qualifications and only reach out to candidates that they feel would be a good fit for the company. They are looking for people who have the potential to be successful and can help the company grow. The average annual salary for a recruiter is $54,000.

3- Paralegal 

Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Large or international businesses require a lot of legal advice. Paralegals don’t have the exact same level of expertise as lawyers, but they are still needed for lower-level legal services. It’s an excellent place to get a law degree, or if you like law but don’t want to be a lawyer, it’s a middle ground. Their average annual salary is $46,000.

4- Bookkeeper 

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

Bookkeepers record a company’s or department’s finances. Because of this, they are becoming comfortable with the math skills required. Many bookkeeper jobs only need a two-year associate’s degree, either in bookkeeping or accounting, but more skills aren’t needed. If you are trying to break into a more significant business, they may even be required too. The bookkeeper’s Average Annual Salary is $40,000.

5- Marketing Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

Marketing is an effective way to break into this business. Regardless of whether you have experience or a degree in business or marketing, working here is good. Creativity, aesthetics, and excellent communication are all required to be successful in this area. Their Annual average salary is $40,000.

6- Accounting Clerk 

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the accounting clerk position is projected to grow by 10% from 2016-2026. This growth is attributed to the increasing complexity of financial and tax laws. To become an accounting clerk, you will likely need a degree in accounting, as well as extreme attention to detail and knowledge of finances and tax law. The average annual salary for an accounting clerk is $40,000.

7- Event Planner Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $38,000

Event planning can be a considerable part of the corporate culture. This could include planning promotional events, charity fundraisers, and seasonal parties, just to name a few examples. This would be a contract role, not a full-time employee role, at a B Corporation. Their Annual Average salary is $38,000.

8- Administrative Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

In essence, the title administrative assistant is, in many respects, a catch-all. Administrative assistants can range from anything that happens between a personal assistant and a business secretary to doing secretarial work. The most typical admin duties consist of overseeing the workplace and taking care of scheduling. They typically earn $36,000 a year.

9- Accounts Payable Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

If you’re after an occupation in logistics, purchasing goods, or management, this is your field. This job requires a good head for numbers and attention to detail. Your work would be managing the company’s records for errors, reconciling discrepancies, and updating information in a company database. The average annual salary for this position is $36,000.

10- Human Resources Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $35,000

Human Resources Assistants are responsible for managing employee misconduct, benefits, and onboarding. They must have excellent interpersonal skills, as well as strong communication and legal knowledge. Corporate policy is also important to know and follow. The average annual salary for a Human Resources Assistant is $35,000.

Educational Criteria for Career in Business Services

Since there are no set education or certification standards for every career choice, an individual can’t expect to enter a career in one instance. However, here in are numerous occupations and certificates that may provide you with insight into where to start.

Business Degree: A business degree can take you pretty much anywhere in the business world. Management, marketing, communications, and sales are just some of the areas where a business degree can be applied. With a business degree, you can also specialize in a certain area of business such as accounting or finance. A business degree is also beneficial if you want to start your own business.

Business Administration: If you want to be a manager or run your own business, studying business administration is a great way to start. Business administration teaches the basics of business, from accounting and marketing to management and entrepreneurship.

Business economics: The business economics field is vast and has many opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the financial side of the business. There are many different positions available in this area, such as financial analyst or an economist.

Business Law: Business lawyers are in demand. They have to be able to understand complex business transactions and regulations, and they have to be able to communicate with clients who may not have a legal background. But once they get their career established, they do quite well for themselves.

Marketing: If you know that marketing is the field for you, it’s easier to break into the field with a degree. Marketing degrees are available at many different schools, so you can find one that fits your needs and interests. You’ll learn about advertising, public relations, market research, and more.

Business Communications Degree: If you’re interested in a career in business communications, a degree in the field can give you the skills you need to succeed. coursework will expose you to topics like public relations, social media, and marketing, giving you a well-rounded understanding of the field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Sevices Career Path

Why business services are the best choice?

When you’re looking for a new career, it’s important to think about the options that are available to you. One great option is business services. Business services won’t have limited options and have a vast sector of various interests. They also offer stability, opportunities for growth, and competitive salaries.

How do I start my career in business services?

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting your career in business services. One is to start with an internship in order to gain experience and expertise. Another is to network as much as possible and attend industry events. Finally, make sure you have a strong resume and LinkedIn profile.

If you choose business services, what would you learn?

One of the great things about business services is that they offer a variety of learning opportunities. You can learn about finance, marketing, communication, and many other topics. In addition, you’ll gain practical experience that can be applied to your career.

How many jobs are available in business services?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a report in March 2022 that stated the business service industry had more than 500,000 job openings for new entrants. The BLS projects that this industry will have over 1 million job openings by 2026. This is great news for those who are looking for a career in business services.


Business services is a great career path for those who want to have a successful and stable career. It offers many opportunities for growth and advancement, and it is a field that is always in demand. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in business services should research the different types of jobs available in the field and find one that best suits their skills and interests.

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